Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cottage reno (continue2)

Long weekend fun


Well ... it wasn't for everybody. Apparently dogs do not like the fireworks as we thought. Tara was hysterically shaking. Archie turned back and was trying to go home. But we did enjoyed. It was beautiful to see all coast full of fireworks. 


But all insulation would be wasted if we would leave old windows. The little cottage is not worth thousand dollars spend for windows, so I was seeking for alternatives. Found dead stock windows sales. Yes it's not exactly the size of our windows, but close. Our walls already opened to studs so we can adjust the framing. That all we could do and did it. The biggest problem was exterior framing/capping. I was watching all YouTube videos and thought that we CAN do it. It is always simple when you see professional doing his work. Problems begin at the site. So we got scared and stopped the process. I had found one young professional just at the beginning of his carrier that was eager to help us without astronomical price tag. He agreed that framing and interior job "on us" and he will do just exterior capping. I wouldn't say I was very happy with the quality, but you get what you paid for. At least I know his "little tricks" for speed work and will keep eye on them. He called me too picky, when I'd pointed his "little" imperfections :)

That happens when "general contractor" not on site. Wrong size window's prep



  With new windows in place we were able to go forward with dry walls and mudding. So far because of damp weather, mudding still in process. Layers of mud do not dry off for sanding. But now I can see the light at the end of tunnel :)


My best helpers


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