Sunday, July 23, 2017

Cottage reno (continue)

Old standards


The cottage was built with materials that were available at that time or better to say - available - period.


We found that all walls - 2x4" thickness (today's standard  is  2x6" ), insulation value max - R9, today's - R24. Because of insulation and building material inadequacy a lot of mold. So firs thing first: mold treatment and sealing the walls from inside. I used Mold Control + bleach. 

Fire rated material around wood burning stove? They never heard about at that time.  We covered all ceiling with fire rated drywall.



Meanwhile our working situation was always on alert because the dogs liked to explore the new neighborhood. Lucky us our neighbors all dog lovers, problem is the rabbits that dogs just go ballistic after them. So one day (it took one day) we just concentrated and installed fence. It was a GREAT relief.  



For house re-wiring we hired professional electrician, so this part was almost easy (besides me crawling through the attic and helping electrician and my bill.




To seal all interior surface I used thin layer of spray foam DIY kit. It worked as sealer and vapor barrier. And just after that went with Roxul  rock wool insulation.

Majority of old insulation I'm re-using to insulate floor from the crawl space. And I will tell you it's a dirty and very uncomfortable job. I'm not a little girl and 2 feet is not enough to work comfortably. And never work without head cover when working with spray foam. You can end with bald head. My hear dresser told not to say anybody who is my hear dresser because people will think that she is really a bad one. Part of my very short hair was cut even shorter 





 Archie hated when I went down into crawl space. Always tried "to rescue" me from the "darkness" :)

But there are always time for nice moments


Taste of nostalgic potato :)


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Planning the future. New project

This future is very very far away, but time flies and then we asking where it went? I decided to convince mu husband that we need to think about future and that should be our retirement living situation. OK it was play of words for investment :)

I love little resort towns. Off season they are kind of little villages and season time - hustling and bustling. Dream was -close to beach and close to amenities (I'm not "middle in nowhere" person I need my high speed internet :) ) I was looking for some time, but it took some time to convince my other half to do that.

Long story short we found in Wasaga Beach a little 1950 cottage (with some additions) practically livable, even insulated to live all season round. 

The longest (14 km) freshwater beach in the world just 5 min away. Dogs were super exited, all beach belongs to them, nobody interested in the beach in winter :)

 I thought - it's perfect little deco/interior design project and we will be ready to rent for summer. BIG mistake.

It became  a HUGE project. As Russian proverb says "We wanted the best, it turned out as always". Old little cottage was wired aluminum and copper and no insurance company will talk to us. To re-wire all house we opened walls and it was Pandora box opening.

Demolition time


 My first plumbing job. Cutting off copper pipes and installing shark bite shutters





Some nice findings in the attic:

Today's most wanted coffee table

The tool kit was dated 1947

Communication before internet.We will be home at... Leave the message.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

New season of the reno

The new house is full of the projects (that how I wanted). So the next logical step was basement. It's untouched. Full of possibilities. First as usually - planning. I used Planner 5D online tool. It is pretty much simple and gives you general visual understanding how things will look.






Because our house construction contains wood and metal materials, some adjustments needed to be done. Even up ceiling between metal I beam and joists - furring all the ceiling. Plus our house floor joists are Engineered floor joists - hollow joists, that are structurally stronger and allow all duct work been done between joists not under. As a result we have unobstructed ceiling. Also in the winter we have warm floors on the first floor, no need for heated floors :)




The work practically was suppose to be simple: framing, electrical, plumbing, dry walling. With framing we managed pretty easy. Found sale on framing gun and was happy, very happy. I enjoy working with power tools. :)




But.... as usually there always is but...

Will be continue and I'll explain that part


In meanwhile unused basement inspired me for some art experiments. First I used old sheets as canvas, plus DIY gesso, plus all the lumber gave me possibility to make framing on spot. Played with some textures one day and some acrylic pouring on other.

 Maybe I just don't want to finish the basement? :)