Sunday, April 16, 2017

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It was long time from the blog posts. Life took me into swirl. We moved into a new house full of projects. So from micro work (jewelry) I've moved to macro (new reno projects)
First : new house needed a new paint (pink and blue just didn't work for me :) 

Next: I moved to staircase update. With a big and active dog blue carpeted staircase "didn't work" nor color, nor convenience  to clean. Hardwood it is.

I don't know, but looks like a new house didn't have the vibe for jewelry making, but it brought me back to my roots - painting. Somehow I more and more was looking for easel  and canvas. Whatever works to express myself. And  poetry as usually is a major impulse for my paintings

 There is a Russian poet Elena Bocharova that hers poem just came to me very strong and very visual. I hope Google Translator will give you an understanding, because you can't translate poetry if you are not poet yourself
Somebody that knows Russian will have advantage for sure (here is the link )

For me, please, a cup of coffee

Elena Bocharova

For me, please, a cup of coffee
And people that are real, truthful ...
Only now in what is a disaster:
I meet increasingly often fake ...

I'll have coffee with no sugar, perhaps ...
I hate masks, disguises,
And for me, obvious sting is better,
Than deadly shots in the back.

Cappuccino? Latte? No, the espresso ...
I do not build air castles :
The shortage is for sincerity, honesty,
The bust is with the false-good.

To me, please, stronger coffee ...
And do not pour honey in my ears!
If you decided to scold - what are you whispering?
"I'm sorry," and then? Spit in the soul?

Cream in coffee? No, thanks…
Justifications are always so disgusting,
To no avail this whole buffoonery:
"Sorry, I could not ..." - primitive.

For me, please, a cup of coffee
And people that are real, truthful ...
Only now in what is a disaster:
I meet increasingly often fake ...

My "baby" labradoodle Archie grew up and became very lazy man. I decided that he need some spice in his life and convinced my family that it would help to "move" Archie from couch :) It took me some time, but I'd found very cute little "girl" and we named her Tara. She is F1B goldendoodle. She kept promise and didn't let Archie be bored (sometimes too much :)  

Even with the "Full house" , last summer all family decided - we are ready for a big challenge - first floor reno:  flooring, kitchen, popcorn ceiling, fireplace, focal wall etc...  Summer was really busy.
Some before and after: More detailed explanation will add with the next post, so some of you could use our experience in your projects

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Multitasking DIY table-picture

That idea I had long before the basement reno. This is nothing new, but ... or expensive (~ 2000$), or does not fit my "custom" area. During summer time I have my felting table outside and enjoy summer and outdoors while felting without bothering about wet and water. But winter season is different, besides my basement is not just for felting. Therefore during the reno I enforced the framing with additional horizontal studs (at specific height) so I could attached hinges without big problem or doubt that it would be sturdy enough.

For that reason I rummaged in my reno leftovers and was back to my favorite Home Depot for some lumber and hardware. Archie always a big help :o)

Checked my "mobile" felting table's frame for dimensions. This table/picture IS heavy.

Filled with wood filler gaps between the planks, primed and painted with white exterior latex paint, then mixed the paint with sand and made textured surface for future oil painting. Inside (backside) painted also with same paint a few times so the surface would be more or less water resistant.

Three hinges for sure will keep this table/painting strong. Vertical hinges' parts attached well to vertical studs and the horizontal - to horizontal studs.
There were a question -how to construct the legs part (should be sturdy enough to work). But then came simple solution. Browsed through Ikea "table tops and legs" section and found perfect legs + storage unit, that works as base when the table is open or like side table/storage when it's closed.

A small abstract painting session and Voilà! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Laid back mood

After intense felting month I'm in laid back mood after Carlisle Country Craft fair. It was interesting it was fun and it was coooold :(  The first day after a few hours of sitting in the chair I without compunction took of slippers from my "shop's hostess". I'm the boss, I'm not? :) One of the visitors suggested to put on my mittens too, I actually was ready for that, just was in denial mood, it was August for heaven's sake.
My shop's hostess still with warm slippers :)

Here some colorful pics from the preparation time, before country and cottage crowd was entering the site.

Found a friend at the pasture next to my booth, shared some breakfast waffles :)

Found more soles at Walmart, that inspired me to make a few more boots

 ....  forecast of future cold winter inspired to try mittens too

... and of course slippers, slippers... :)

Now I had some time for the photos of some earrings

... and the soap

nettle tea, turmeric, alkanet, charcoal, paprika powder, titanium oxide, zinc oxide / Coconut water, titanium oxide, green clay

 dandelion-nettle tea, plantago, parsley, titanium dioxide, charcoal./  milk powder, chocolate, milk, cocoa powder, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide